Introducing Colorado’s Health Care Future

Jan 7, 2020

DENVER – As Colorado lawmakers consider a state government option that would put politicians in control of Coloradans’ health care, increase costs for millions of Coloradans, hurt the state’s economy and jobs, and destabilize Coloradans’ existing employer-provided health coverage, a new organization called Colorado’s Health Care Future launched today to advocate for proven solutions that build on what’s working and fix what’s broken in health care – not force Coloradans into a new government-controlled health insurance system.

The organization believes every Coloradan deserves access to affordable, high-quality health care.  But a state government option puts politicians in control of Coloradans’ health care decisions, instead of patients, doctors, and nurses.  Not only that, it would artificially lower premiums by cutting payments to doctors and hospitals, increasing costs for the majority of Coloradans with employer-provided coverage, and significantly limiting access to care for people in rural communities.

The proposed state government option is not designed to compete with private insurance plans – it’s designed to force as many Coloradans as possible into a new government-controlled health insurance system over time.  It would shift $1.5 billion in costs to those with private insurance and studies show similar systems could force rural hospitals, serving thousands of Coloradans, to close.

  • The state government option would shift $1.5 billion in costs over five years onto Coloradans with employer-provided coverage – forcing them to pay for the system while driving up the costs of their own care. (Colorado Hospital Association, 10/28/19)
  • The state government option would threaten access to critical care for Coloradans in rural or partially rural counties that are medically underserved: 69% of the entire state. Up to 13 rural hospitals could be forced to close, and costs would rise for already-struggling rural facilities. (REMI Partnership, 9/10/19)
  • The state government option would mean serious consequences for Colorado’s economy, workforce and communities – putting up to 8,300 jobs across the state at risk. (REMI Partnership, 9/10/19)
  • There is no successful state government option anywhere in the United States. An unproven government-controlled health insurance system would threaten Coloradans’ choice of coverage and care. (The Wall Street Journal, 11/5/19)

Colorado’s Health Care Future is a project of Partnership for America’s Health Care Future Action.