Protect Colorado’s Health Care Future

Colorado’s state government option would significantly expand the role of government in health care, putting politicians in control of what health benefits and services are covered.

There is no successful state option anywhere in the United States. An unproven government-controlled health insurance system would threaten Coloradans’ choice of coverage and care.

The state government option would reduce access to quality care by cutting payments to providers and hospitals for the services they provide. This will drive many health care providers and facilities out of business and out of the state, reducing patients’ access to quality care for rural patients. (Common Sense Policy Roundtable, May 2020)

The state government option would hurt Colorado’s economy at a time when the state is already facing economic uncertainty. Colorado is estimated to see state revenue drop by nearly $3.3 billion over the next year, while seeing a Medicaid spending increase of $541 million (Council of State Governments, July 2020) 

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Colorado’s Health Care Future believes every Coloradan deserves access to affordable, high-quality health care, and we advocate for proven solutions that build on what’s working and fix what’s broken in health care. We’re committed to working together in this unprecedented time to ensure every Coloradan has access to the coverage and care they need.

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