ICYMI: ‘Public Option Plan Isn’t Sustainable for Colorado and Jeopardizes Access’

COLORADO – In an op-ed with the Colorado Sun, Peter Banko, President and CEO of Centura Health, gives an honest assessment of the true impacts of Colorado’s proposed state government option: “The reality is that the plan, as proposed, isn’t sustainable, has unintended consequences and jeopardizes access.

At the same time, the proposal would have a negligible effect on Colorado’s uninsured rate, Banko adds, and could increase costs for individuals and families who receive financial assistance: “The proposal does not address adequately Colorado’s uninsured rate. It will not reduce premiums for low-income consumers purchasing coverage on the exchange.

The state government option relies on cutting rates to health care providers, which a recent study found could result in more than $1 billion in losses over ten years. Banko notes: “All the proposed savings would be paid solely by deeply slashing payments to hospitals. Equally concerning is this plan may encourage employers to drop coverage.

There are ways to build on what’s working within Colorado’s health care system to make coverage more affordable and increase access to care. But real solutions “need to be built for those who really need” it and will require “all stakeholders to be enlisted and held responsible.

Banko closes with a timely message for Colorado lawmakers, who will soon consider next steps on the state government option proposal: This isn’t a time for politics. Most certainly, it isn’t a time to rush the process. It is a time to put sound policy into action that creates wholeness and health for every life, every neighborhood and every Colorado community.

To read Mr. Banko’s full article, CLICK HERE.