ICYMI: ‘Don’t Let Colorado’s State Authorities Control Our Health Care’

Apr 7, 2021

DENVER – As state lawmakers continue to debate HB21-1232 – which would create a new state government-controlled health insurance system known as the state government option – The Colorado Springs Gazette’seditorial board writes, “the bill does nothing to establish or encourage more health care.”

The editorial board argues this bill will establish a “Colorado Option Authority,” placing too much power in the hands of unelected state officials, writing, “it empowers an ‘authority’ and ‘committee’ to distribute care — a process that cannot avoid life-and-death decisions.”

The board continues, “it forbids providers from charging fees exceeding what that state authority will pay,”adding, “the authoritarian logic underlying this bill assumes the state may simply order services at an arbitrary price, without consequence.”

The board expresses concerns with the possibility of “rationing” care as this exempts the state of any potential liability, and cites the bill’s language, “‘The authority is an instrumentality of the state; except that the debts and liabilities of the authority do not constitute the debts and liability of the state, and the authority is not an agency of the state.’” The editorial board argues, “politicians can pass this edict and walk away without a trace of responsibility.”

The piece concludes, “If passed and signed into law, HB-1232 will distribute health care… Some will get care, others will not, as determined by the ‘authority.’”

  • To read the editorial board’s piece in The Colorado Springs GazetteCLICK HERE.