ICYMI: “Colorado Health Care Saved Us; Let’s Work Together to Save It, Too”

Colorado – As health care is at the top of Coloradans’ minds during this critical time, Colorado is “blessed to have robust healthcare insurance options,” Heidi Ganahl, a businesswoman, entrepreneur, writer and at-large member of the College of Colorado Board of Regents writes in Colorado Springs Gazette“our healthcare is unmatched.”

As the Colorado General Assembly convenes for the 2021 session, lawmakers will soon consider legislation to establish a new state government-controlled health insurance system“Is now the time to pile on more regulation and government control, seizing upon crisis to boost state power?” questions Ganahl. “Is now the time to strangle these free market heroes who served us so bravely the past year?”

While there is still more work to do to improve access to care, proponents of the state government option do not recognize how private coverage, Medicare, and Medicaid are already working together to deliver access to affordable, high-quality care to Coloradans. Individual health insurance plans offered by Connect for Health Colorado, Colorado’s health insurance marketplace, are expected to see premiums decrease an average of nearly 21 percent in 2021. Consumers will also have more choice as the number of counties with only one carrier offering plans on the individual insurance market is dropping to 10 counties, down from 22. Ganahl highlights, “Colorado health care is pretty awesome, and darned affordable, with the second-lowest annual average premium growth in the country over the last five years. 93% of Coloradans have health coverage. The size of our hospital systems and their ability to respond quickly was a large part of our success in fighting COVID-19.

In a personal tribute, she attests to the access and quality of care Colorado’s health system provided her during a recent medical emergency, but warns that may change as “Colorado’s legislature is planning to push through a state-controlled plan that would majorly impact the delivery of health-care services in Colorado.”

Ganahl highlights, “More than 50 hospitals across Colorado, almost two-thirds of hospitals in our state, are now considered financially vulnerable, thanks in large part to their efforts fighting COVID. The legislature’s Colorado Option Plan may cut annual hospital revenues by $1.1 billion more over the next three years.

“Why are some elected officers so eager to change things this upcoming session?” questioned Ganahl. “My brain is recovered enough to loudly proclaim, ‘DON’T!’”

Ganahl continues, “If the backers of state control are planning another legislative push in 2021, it’s time to pause, thinking long and hard on how their rush to transform our healthcare system will harm Colorado citizens. Our exhausted healthcare system is fragile right now—as are its consumers. We need to support it, not exploit the current crisis for pushing a control agenda.

Ganahl concludes, “No human system is perfect, but Colorado’s health care truly is a miracle. Just ask my kids. Just ask my husband.” She adds, “Just ask me.

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