Colorado’s Health Care Future Statement On Introduction Of State Government Option

Mar 18, 2021

DENVER – Colorado’s Health Care Future issued the following statement today following the introduction of the proposal to create a state government-controlled health insurance system, also called the state government option:

“This proposal creates more questions than it answers. Unfortunately, the sponsors and their allies continue to disregard concerns raised by stakeholders and overlook the unaffordable costs and negative consequences of their proposal, which would disrupt Colorado’s integrated health care system during a critical time when patients are relying on our health care community,” said Colorado’s Health Care Future spokesman Tyler Mounsey.

“This proposal would put politicians in control of Coloradans’ health care – instead of patients and medical professionals – and could increase costs for Coloradans, while threatening patients’ access to quality care, services, and coverage choices. Coloradans deserve proven solutions that provide access to affordable, high-quality health coverage and care. Lawmakers should slow down, conduct a full analysis of the proposal and instead work together to build on and improve what’s working in health care – not start over by creating a one-size-fits-all new government health insurance system.”