Colorado’s Health Care Future Statement Following House Health & Insurance Committee Advancing House Bill 23-1224

Mar 10, 2023

Sara Goodwin
[email protected]

DENVER – Colorado’s Health Care Future issued the following statement today following the House Health & Insurance Committee advancing House Bill (HB) 23-1224, which would double down on the failed Colorado Option:

“HB23-1224 is a clear attempt to give preferential placement to Colorado Option plans and further limit consumer choice, while granting more authority to the Insurance Commissioner and further insulate the office from public accountability. Coloradans must have choices when it comes to choosing a health plan that meets their individual needs, and they must decide themselves what plan is of most value – not the government.

“Proponents of the Colorado Option promised Coloradans that this new government-controlled health insurance system would save them money, but in reality, the Colorado Option is an objectively more expensive option for most Coloradans. It’s no surprise that nearly nine in 10 Coloradans who shopped for individual coverage rejected the Colorado Option and chose a traditional health plan, and a mere 142 individuals enrolled in small group Colorado Option plans. Meanwhile, the Colorado Option’s arbitrary mandates and countless regulations have driven insurers out of the state, diminishing health plan competition and decreasing choices available to Coloradans.

“The fact is, Denver politicians have driven the higher costs of health coverage and care in Colorado by creating overly burdensome regulations, and their refusal to accept the facts is putting politics ahead of the best interests of Colorado patients and consumers.”

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