Coloradans Want to Slow Down and Get It Right

KC Becker, Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives:

“Big policies like [a public option] typically don’t get done in a span of a couple months. Sometimes it takes a couple of years.”

Peter Banko, President, Centura Health:

“This isn’t a time for politics. Most certainly, it isn’t a time to rush the process. It is a time to put sound policy into action that creates wholeness and health for every life, every neighborhood and every Colorado community.”

Editorial Board, Colorado Springs Gazette:

“Before imposing this on Colorado, legislators should consider whether most consumers want or trust it… A whopping 73%, including 61% of Democrats, prefer improving the system we have instead of creating a state option. Only 34% say they trust the state government to design an effective plan. Nearly 80% are ‘unwilling’ to pay extra for their health care to help fund a government plan.”

Rob Hernandez, Former Democratic Colorado State Senator, and Scott McInnis, Former Republican U.S. Representative from Colorado’s 3rd District:

“Legislators should slow down and get all the facts before going any further down a potentially disruptive road… There is too much on the line with this Colorado public option proposal for policymakers to build the ship as they sail. We need to slow down and honestly weigh all the potential outcomes and long-term funding needs.”

Ray Scott, State Senator, Colorado:

“Rather than top-down government controls, policymakers should look for comprehensive solutions that tackle costs from all sides… I encourage the governor to tap the brakes on the state-operated public insurance option. The true costs are too high.”

The REMI Partnership:

“We encourage the administration to slow down, invite all stakeholders to the table, and work with Coloradans to better understand the true impact of changing the health care marketplace.”

Julie Lonborg, Vice President of Communications, Colorado Hospital Association:

“Instead, Colorado needs a solution that looks broadly at total health spending and the entire health care system, fostering partnership to collaboratively drive down costs.”

Chris Romer, President and CEO, Vail Valley Partnership:

“The state should slow down and retract the state option proposal, conduct a full cost-benefit analysis, and invite greater input and review.”