Coloradans Response to Mandated Participation

Andrew Forbes, Joint Budget Committee, Staff Analyst:

“I have a concern relating to mandating hospital participation… I would recommend asking of the [HCPF] and [DOI] is how we will deal with individual, independent provider clinics and how that would affect the care that they’re able to provide as well.”

Amanda Massey, Executive Director, Colorado Association of Health Plans:

“Typically, a partnership includes a choice. And [the State Option] we’re mandated to participate in. So, it’s hard to call it a partnership.”

Amanda Massey, Executive Director, Colorado Association of Health Plans:

“There is nothing in the plan that guarantees that carriers can successfully offer the public option plans. The proposal requires health plans to participate, but nothing compels hospitals or providers to contract with health plans offering the state option.”

John Ingold, Health Care Reporter, The Colorado Sun:

“As with the initial proposal, hospitals will be required to participate in this program. But there’s nothing in the final proposal that says what happens if they don’t.”

Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce:

“[W]e oppose mandatory participation in the program for carriers and hospitals because we believe requiring a company to compete (whether based on geography or niche) that they aren’t equipped to serve (whether lacking the expertise or resources) only adds costs and inefficiencies, costing our companies and employees more money.”