Administration Confirms State Government Option Puts Politicians In Control Of Our Care

DENVER – Colorado’s Health Care Future issued the following statement regarding legislation to create a new state government-controlled health insurance system. 

“By giving unprecedented power to the Commissioner of Insurance to create and run a state government option, the state is putting politicians in control of our health care – taking health care and coverage choices away from doctors, nurses, consumers, and patients.  

This proposed state government option forces hospitals to participate and accept unsustainable payment cuts and potential fines that may create risk of closures. While Colorado has a historically very low percentage of uninsured individuals, this proposed state government option would negatively impact the entire health care delivery system and coverage options for all Coloradans. 

Making these radical changes in the absence of an analysis or impact study is irresponsible and threatens severe unintended consequences.  Coloradans deserve proven solutions to increase access to affordable, high-quality coverage and care. 

Let’s build on what’s working and fix what’s broken – not force Coloradans into a new government-controlled health insurance system.”